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Hello Project Resources

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All Members , Moderated


Welcome to hp_resources. This community was created by yourxstardust as a place for Hello Project icon/graphic makers to come get the materials they need to make good graphics. It is co-moded by lovehello & lainay.


1) This community allows the posting of the following: High Quality Screencaps Only (exceptions will be made for video files that aren't available in high quality). This not only includes music videos, but concerts, hello morning, tv appearances, etc. Icon Bases (for editing purposes), H!P related Brushes, Pictures, Photobooks, .gifs, and tutorials (if they feature a H!P icon). NO ACTUAL ICON POSTING ALLOWED!!!

2) Please use tags when posting to make easier access for others in the future.

3) No bashing, spamming, or posting out of context allowed!

4) If you want to pimp a community here you must ask permission from one of the mods first. No personal or icon journal pimping allowed.

5) Please credit when credit is asked for, and always reply when taking something someone offers. NO HOTLINKING!

6) Check the memories before requesting! It may have already been made available.

7) lj-cuts are your friend when making image heavy posts!

8) You may post caps of a video that has already been posted if you like, everyone will have a different interpretation.

9) Mods have the power to delete/ask you to delete your post/comment if it doesn't follow the rules & guidelines.

Header by yourxstardust, layout coding done by tiamato_kun, userinfo done by yourxstardust and lainay.